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May 13, 2019 Game Cancelled Due to Rain

The rain has been steady, the forecast says it will continue well into the night, there's snow predicted for higher elevations, and the fields will suffer if we tromp all over them. Not a great night for a game. As such, we're taking this week off. Hoping for a break from the rain soon! See you next week.

2019 Outdoor Season

We are pleased to open registration for the 2019 Outdoor Season. Please read the Information below carefully.

  • Registrations are now being accepted. Registration is mandatory in order by participate. Registrations and waiver forms must be received 10 days (two Fridays) prior to a player's first game game night in order for a player to participate in the game . On-field registrations no longer allow the player to participate on the evening they join the league due to insurance company rules. Players who to register on the field will have to wait for two weeks to participate in a game, so we strongly encourage registration by mail as soon as possible.
  • This league is a formal offering of the Clifton Park Soccer Club. As such, in order to properly notify our insurance company of the roster of players being covered, registrations must be completed according to the schedule noted above.
  • The purpose of the league is for recreational play. No referees are involved (everyone is on the "honor system" in terms of behavior), no standings are kept, and while the level of play is very good, we do not promote highly competitive behavior. If you are looking for a competitive league, there are better options available elsewhere.
  • We are now offering two divisions for play. There will be the traditional Over-30 group open to men 30 and older and women 22 or older. We are also planning an Over-18 group open to any players 18 or older who do not have the option of playing in the Club's youth program.
  • Play happens at the Clifton Common.
  • Games take place on Mondays, starting at 6:00 and ending when we're tired or it's dark.
    • Exception: Some Monday games in June will be scheduled for an alternative night (to be announced) due to youth team try-outs.
    • Exception: A second weekly evening game may be added in August.
    • Exception: There may be a couple of breaks in the schedule due to conflicts with town or soccer club events, which will be announced via the mailing list.
  • This season will begin on Monday, April 22 for the Over-30 division. Registrations for players wishing to play on the 22nd must be received by Friday, April 12 to be processed in time for the first game. The Over-18 division start date is to be announced depending on how many registrations are received. Many players in this group do not arrive home from college until late May.
  • Whereas we mixed divisions in previous seasons when there were too few Over-18 players for a game, in order to maintain competitive play for all participants, we will not be mixing age groups this season. If there are not enough players for an Over-18 league, we will not form an Over-18 division and will refund the players' fees. Please spread the word about this division so that we can be sure to attract sufficient players to hold a weekly game.
  • We organize ourselves using a "pick-up" style of play. Each player should bring a white and a dark (no grays) shirt each week as we make teams at the start of play.
  • The fee per player is $10 for the entire outdoor season. Note that we do not pro-rate the fee for players registering mid-season.
  • Registration Instructions and Form: Instructions for completing and submitting the registration can be found on our form, which can be downloaded here. Please print each page on a separate piece of paper as one is kept by the league while the other is sent to our insurance company.
  • IMPORTANT: The activity is primarily for residents of the Town of Clifton Park. Those non-residents who have played with us in either the previous outdoor or indoor season are "grandfathered" in and will be able to play. New players from outside of the Town may or may not be able to get in as we can only accept a limited number of players. Please contact the coordinator (address below) if you have any questions about this.
  • The league runs primarily through an Internet mailing list. If you do not join the list, you will not receive important league information. Please see below for instructions on how to join the list.
  • Please follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on league happenings and encourage your friends to do the same. Our page can be found here.
  • More general information about the league can be found below. Please scroll down.

2018 Indoor Season

We are again going to run a small indoor league this year. There will be only an over-30 option for indoor play.

  • Registrations are now being accepted.
  • Play happens at the Sportsplex of Halfmoon.
  • There will be 2 sessions of 10 weeks a piece. Games will be on Sunday nights. Session 1 will start on November 4, 2017 and run through early-January 2018. Session 2 will run from mid-January 2018 through late-March 2019. There will be no game on Super Bowl Sunday (February 3). Registrations will be on a per session basis (no full season option).
  • We organize ourselves using a "pick-up" style of play. Each player should bring a white and a dark (no grays) shirt each week as we make teams at the start of play.
  • The fee per player is $100 per 10 week session.
  • This season we are open to men over 30 and women over 22.
  • We are strictly limited to around 22 players due to limited field availability. Very short-term preference will be given to players with a history in our league. Thereafter, players will be accepted in the order of receipt of payment and registration (e-mail does not count). Goalkeepers are given an advantage.
  • The Sportsplex has an annual membership fee that is required of all players in our league. This is a separate charge and it is your responsibility to handle this registration, which is different than our league registration. Information on that can be found on the Sportsplex site. Use the Member Login link. We should be on record with the Sportsplex as "Clifton Park Adult Soccer".
  • Registration Instructions and Form: Instructions for completing and submitting the registration can be found on our form, which can be downloaded here. The form is in PDF format.
  • The league runs primarily through an Internet mailing list. Please make sure you are subscribed to our list (we do not automatically add you to the list) to receive information. Please see below for instructions on how to join the list.

Basic Information

  • The league plays outdoors during the time fields are open at the Clifton Common. The league plays indoors during the winter.
  • All outdoor games are played at the Clifton Common. Indoor games are played at the Sportsplex of Halfmoon.
  • The league has two divisions: an Over-30 group for men 30 and older and women 22 and older; and, an Over-18 group for men and women 18 and older who do not have the option of participating in the Clifton Park Soccer Club's youth program.
  • During the outdoor season we are required to maintain a membership comprised overwhelmingly of Clifton Park residents. During the indoor season we are open to players from anywhere.
  • Registration is mandatory and includes a standard waiver of liability. Registrations must be received two Wednesdays prior to a game night in order for the player to participate.
  • There are registration fees collected to cover the league's expenses. Obviously, the indoor season is considerably more expensive than the outdoor season due to higher field rental costs.
  • Shin guards are mandatory for all players.
  • Goalie gloves are required for goalkeepers.

Play Guidelines

The play is very informal, in keeping with our charter as a recreational league dedicated to "friendly play for fun and fitness." While informal, we do tend to abide by the FIFA laws regarding play. The following items are, however, noteworthy.

  • We play without referees, so everyone is on the honor system and the players are expected to be self-policing. Consensus rules. In the absense of consensus, the league coordinator decides.
  • We don't keep a formal clock and only break when we feel like it.
  • We do our best to not injure ourselves and others. Slide tackles are expressly forbidden and contact with anything but the ball is strongly discouraged.
  • No official score is kept, no standings are kept.

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Contacting Us

Questions can be directed to the league's coordinator by sending mail to coordinator at (again, please replace " at " with "@").